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SoftPhone Login Messages

Login message Explanation Solution
Discovering Firewall...
Vonage SoftPhone is discovering the type of firewall that it is behind.
Allow Vonage SoftPhone to discover the firewall type which will be needed to auto-configure some network settings.
Logging in...
Vonage SoftPhone is attempting to register with SIP Proxy Server(s).
Wait to verify success. If multiple servers are configured, this may take a few seconds.
"Logged in - Enter Phone Number"
Vonage SoftPhone has successfully registered with ALL configured SIP servers.
Vonage SoftPhone is ready.
"Login timed out! Contact Network Admin."
One or more SIP registrations failed.
Verify all SIP proxy information to ensure correctness. Check Diagnostic Log to verify that SIP messaging is being received through your firewall.
"Enter Phone Number"
Vonage SoftPhone has successfully registered with ALL configured SIP servers.
No issue here, Vonage SoftPhone should be ready for calling.
"Call failed: 480 Temporarily unavailable"
Dialed SIP number is not on-line at this time.
Try a test call to a known working number to verify operability.
"Trying" (long period)
SIP Call being established by SIP message protocol
Manually configure network setting dialog screen; autodetect has failed to detect proper settings.
Called party has answered and is ready to converse.
No issue here, call has been established properly on the protocol level.
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