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Transfer Your Phone Number to Vonage

You can transfer your phone number from a communications supplier after you subscribe for Vonage service.  Vonage does not charge to transfer your number, but you may be charged by your previous supplier. The number transfer takes a minimum of 10 working days. 

Transfer a Phone Number to Vonage

  1. Sign in to your Online Account.
  2. Go to the Summary tab, select Order Add-ons.
  3. Click Move My Number to Vonage.
  4. Review important details about your number transfer, check box. 
  5. Choose number to replace from menu and click Continue.
  6. Complete the Letter of Authority.
  7. Mark that you provide Vonage the authority to transfer and click Continue.  A confirmation message is displayed. 
    You will receive status of your number transfer through email notifications.

Cancel a Number Transfer to Vonage

  1. Dial 150 from your Vonage phone or dial 0207 993 9000 from any phone.
  2. Inform the representative that you want to cancel your number transfer.
  3. Contact the communications supplier of that phone number and instruct them that you are canceling the transfer.

Number Transfer FAQs

How do I prepare for the phone number transfer?

Do not cancel the service for the phone number that you want to transfer, as you will lose your phone number.  For more information about any action you may have to perform, read Important Information About Your Number Transfer.

Can I transfer any phone number to Vonage?
No.  Some phone numbers with certain features cannot be ported.  This include those numbers with ISDN, Feature Line, Payphones, DDI and Remote Call Forward.  Vonage will inform you by email that your number cannot be transferred.

My transfer seems to be delayed.  Why?
Some transfers are delayed because of contractual obligations, features and associated services such as DSL, Transfer Freeze, Distinctive Ring, Ring Master or CENTREX-related features and pending charges associated with the number that is being transferred.

My number has transferred to Vonage.  Why am I receiving a bill from my previous supplier?
Depending on your billing cycle, your transfer may have occurred in the middle of a billing cycle.  You may also be required to pay line rental fees, but check with your previous supplier for complete details.

My number transfer is complete, but I cannot receive incoming calls. Why?
On the day that your number is moved to Vonage, you may receive a minor disruption to service.  If you continue to experience difficulties, contact us.

My broadband connection stopped working. Is this related to my number transfer?
If your have non-cable communications supplier and you requested to transfer the phone number that is connected to your broadband service, your supplier may have disconnected both your landline phone and broadband when they received the request.  Read Important Information About Your Number Transfer for more details and contact us, if needed. 

How do I transfer my phone number from Vonage?

Your new communications supplier must submit a Letter of Authority (LOA) with 90 days of you closing your Vonage account.

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